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[Feb 21] MPI-KobeU-RIKEN Joint Symposium


February 21st, 2017


13:30 - 17:10



Opening Remarks
Takashi Niwa (Deputy Leader, Chemical Biology Team, RIKEN CLST)


"Chemical Biology of Glycosylphosphatidylinositols and GPI-Anchored Molecules"
Daniel Varón Silva (Group leader, Seeberger lab,  MPI)


"Control of transient anion species for synthesis of multiply substituted heteroaromatic compounds"
Kentaro Okano (Associate professor, Kobe University)


"Synthesis of [18F]Fluoroalkylarenes and Multi-substituted Arenes via Aryl- or Aryne-Ni Complexes"
Yuto Sumida (Research Scientist, Chemical Biology Team, RIKEN CLST)


Break (10 min) 


"Development of catalytic photochemical reactions using carbazole platform"
Ryosuke Matsubara (Associate Professor, Kobe University)


"Molecular Renovation Strategy: A Novel Synthetic Methodology for Expeditious Development of Molecular Probes"
Takashi Niwa (Deputy Leader, Chemical Biology Team, RIKEN CLST)


"Methods for the construction of (per)fluorinated motifs-application to 18F radiochemistry"
Matthew Tredwell (Group leader, Ritter lab, MPI)


Closing Remarks
Takamitsu Hosoya (Team Leader, Chemical Biology Team, RIKEN CLST)


Takashi Niwa (Deputy Leader, Chemical Biology Team, RIKEN CLST)
 Email: takashi.niwa(at)

CLST was reorganized into three centers according to the RIKEN 4th Medium-Term Plan from April 1, 2018.