History of RIKEN CLST

Training for young scientists

CLST has focused on efforts to foster domestic and international young researchers.

Exchange Events for young researchers

For young researchers, the following events were held for cross-sectoral exchanges. Not only to present their own research, it is aimed to create opportunities for a new joint research and their own career development through interaction with overseas researchers.

Group photo of GSC Tanabata Meeting 2014

July 11th, 2014 GSC Tanabata meeting 2014

Photo of RIKEN Sakura Symposium 2017

March 29th - 30th, 2017
RIKEN Sakura Symposium 2017

CLST Educational Program

In order to promote joint research between researchers from different divisions, we conduct internal seminars for better understanding of the basis of each research.

2013FY 10
2014FY 6
2015FY 7
2016FY 8

The programs for young scientists from overseas

RIKEN strives to provide the programs to accept the best students from overseas. We have hosted 54 students to CLST from 28 countries and regions.

Photo of Interns at the RIKEN Yokohama Campus

Name of country or area Student Trainee Intern
the United States of America 6 0
Canada 5 1
Frans 4 2
India 1 2
China 0 3
Italy 1 1
Australia 1 1
Netherlands 2 0
Greece 0 2
Spain 0 2
Thailand 0 2
Denmark 0 2

“Karolinska Institutet - RIKEN Joint International Doctoral Course 2014”

Karolinska Institute and CLST are also focusing on collaboration between graduate school education. The international lectures for doctoral course of Karolinska Institutet that are partly carried out by researchers of CLST are held every year alternately in Stockholm and Yokohama.

Photo of lecture for Joint International Doctoral Course